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StuCo Talent Show 2022

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Josie Hwang, Aiden Fung


Jasmine Ko (left), An Nguyen, and Philip Fong were three of the finalists in the Student Council's first ever virtual talent show.

For #ThrowbackThursday, we're looking to last month's inaugural Virtual Talent Show, hosted by the ICS Student Council. Instrumentalists, singers, and dancers in every grade level, from K4 to G12 (even including one teacher)—30 Knights in total—put their talents on display over the course of the entire event. We interviewed four of the finalists to learn more about their performances and passions!

Tell us about your talent, and why you're passionate about it!

An Nguyen (High School Division - 1st Place): I've been singing for as long as I can remember. It started with doing karaoke with my family and then I realized how much I like singing, so I just started doing random covers for fun.

Jasmine Ko (High School Division - 2nd Place): Flute is a very sensitive instrument. The quality and tone of the sound varies very easily through small changes in the shape of the mouth, amount of wind, speed and direction of wind, etc. So, in order to fully express the emotions conveyed on music sheets, I really have to focus and get involved in the music piece. I love the feeling of being absorbed in the song. I can forget all the problems and stress I have. That's why I really enjoy playing the flute.

Philip Fong (Middle School Division - 2nd Place): I'm passionate about my talent because I like drums and music.

Myra Baruah (Upper Elementary Division - 3rd Place): I think singing is nice and fun because you can play around with it, easily make up your own songs with words, and you can sing with your friends. I love all things musical, and I wanted to try something new by performing a song. I’ve never performed a song like this before, so I wanted to give it a shot. 

How did you get to where you are now with your gift?

AN: I improved after years of practicing. I would record myself and spot the mistakes I made, then try to correct them. I also did choir when I was younger, so that probably helped!

JK: I started learning the flute as an extracurricular activity at my old school in Korea. The more I learned, the more I became passionate about it. So, I started taking lessons in Singapore to further develop my skills. Currently, I have stopped taking lessons, but I am still practicing alone whenever I have time.

PF: I learned the song "Make You Mine" in drum school. I've been playing drums for half a year now. I've always been interested in drums so my parents told me to try acoustic drums, because of the wide variety of instruments. I've been to two drum schools since. I also have a history with African drums.

MB: I like to sing along to songs in my free time, something I picked up by singing during car rides and with friends all the time. I also take music lessons in piano and violin, which has helped me to become better at my singing.

Talent Show 2022 might be over, but how will you continue to pursue your passion?

AN: I'll probably continue doing covers, probably post them, probably perform if I have the chance. 

JK: I will keep on practicing playing the flute. I will also sometimes perform some worship songs at church.

PF: Even though the talent show is over, I still practice my drums every day.

MB: I’ll start off by finding more places I can sing. For example, if ICS has another talent show next year, I want to perform in that too. Also, when I grow up, one of the things I want to be is a singer. I want to sing out to the world and definitely continue to do it for a long time.

This event has allowed us to see all the talent we have at ICS, and we (really, all of the StuCo members who helped run the show) enjoyed learning more about the talented ICS Knights behind the performances. We hope you enjoyed getting to know these skillful students as well!

P.S. The Student Council has a website where you can watch all of the performances!


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