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Remarkable Senior Thesis Expo for the graduating class of 2023!

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Jennifer Carlson

As the capstone requirement for their graduation, our seniors complete a research project every year, and the Expo is the ultimate celebration of their academic journey. The entire school community was invited to attend, providing a unique opportunity to learn from the scholars of tomorrow. 

Mr. Darryl Harding, the High School Principal, was impressed by the depth and breadth of the projects, stating, "The entire process is a testament to the underlying value of this capstone project: to develop skills and explore the passions of students which will have a positive impact on both their university and career paths."

Parents of the senior students, such as Mrs. Sarah Majestic, praised the expo for preparing the students for university and beyond. "It was impressive to see the quality of the research projects and how they prepare the seniors for university and beyond. I'm proud of ICS for giving students this opportunity to explore their interests in-depth."

The senior students proudly presented a variety of projects, including how adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells could disrupt knee osteoarthritis, the utilization of vaporization through directed energy lasers for space junk eradication, and the impact of Artificial Intelligence on artists in the music industry. Each student's verbal and visual presentation was exceptional, and we were impressed by their hard work and dedication.

We also heard from Josie Hwang, a senior and skilled musician, who provided a relevant and insightful argument on the impact of the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the music industry (pictured below).

"My topic was analyzing the potential impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements on musicians, a focus that combined several of my interests. I enjoyed exploring specific subjects of interest to me within an academic context. As a musician, I found it fascinating that music composition is so algorithmic; from a programming perspective, I was intrigued by Computational Creativity, the field where software and programs are built to mimic creative human behaviors.  

Since my topic involved the analysis of multidisciplinary subjects, it combined information from classes like music and programming. I was proud to be able to address a topic in an emerging field, especially with AI models like Craiyon (formerly DALL-E Mini) and ChatGPT, as it is relevant to myself, my musician peers, and the creative communities. With the advancements of these OpenAI models, there have been concerns within creative communities about the value of creative human works, but my paper addressed this fear well. The Senior Thesis Expo was an excellent opportunity to present my work and explain its relevance to others. Although my topic is relatively niche, my conclusions about the impacts of AI can apply to other creative fields like visual art or writing."

Josie gave insightful tips for students to be set up for success as they prepare for their capstone project. She encourages students to choose a topic they are interested in because they will be compelled to learn more about the issue as they read and gather information from research papers. Lastly, remember to keep up with any advances in the field of your topic because it might impact your final report or serve as a good hook for your Senior Thesis Expo presentation. 

To our graduating class of 2023, congratulations on your remarkable academic achievements, and we wish you all the best as you embark on your next journey. We hope that you will continue to explore your passions and interests and remember to lead positive change in the world.

At ICS, we are committed to providing our students with the best education and opportunities to become the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you for joining us in celebrating the academic excellence and personal growth of our students at the Senior Thesis Expo.


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