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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: How Model United Nations Shapes Students at ICS

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Jennifer Carlson


Model United Nations (MUN) stands as a pillar of experiential learning within the realm of international education. At its core, MUN serves as an educational exercise mirroring the United Nations, where our middle and high school students step into the shoes of delegates representing various countries, tasked with addressing real-world challenges through simulated diplomacy and debate.

Guided by the inspiring leadership of Ms. Maben, middle and high school social studies teacher, middle and high school students embark on a journey that transcends the classroom walls. Ms. Maben's profound dedication to MUN, cultivated since her own high school days, fuels her mission to instill in her students the transformative power of dialogue and compromise. She fervently believes that age should never hinder one's ability to enact change, viewing it instead as an opportunity to empower the next generation. Under her guidance, our students confront daunting obstacles, seeking redemptive solutions through innovative approaches. Teaching these vital skills is a noble privilege for Ms. Maben, as she nurtures future leaders who will undoubtedly leave a positive mark on the world.

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What happens at a Model United Nations Conference?

For students at ICS, MUN conferences offer a platform for interaction with peers from diverse backgrounds, providing a glimpse into the complexities of their future endeavors. These conferences feature a plethora of committees addressing a wide array of topics, ranging from historical issues to pressing contemporary concerns such as refugee rights, climate change, and drug proliferation. The interdisciplinary nature of these topics often aligns seamlessly with the curriculum, enriching students' understanding of global issues through a holistic approach.

Moreover, our students are tasked with embodying the perspectives of citizens from countries across the globe, regardless of their personal beliefs. This necessitates rigorous research and an open-minded approach, challenging our students to broaden their perspectives and cultivate empathy for diverse viewpoints—an essential skill in today's interconnected world.

Throughout the year, 15 middle school students participated in two conferences: MAC (Model Arctic Council), focusing on the challenges posed by the melting Arctic Circle, and MY-MUN (Middle Year), providing further opportunities for our students to immerse themselves in diplomacy and international affairs. Our Middle School members bring energy and a fresh perspective to our club. It is quite challenging for them, but they love the social atmosphere and the exposure.


Our 23 high school students have participated in four conferences this year, and in recent conferences, standout High School members. Shaurya and Chiara have been recognized for their exemplary performance, with Shaurya earning the prestigious "Best Delegate Award" and Chiara receiving the esteemed "Most Diplomatic Award."

Additionally, four of our students won awards, marking our highest achievement ever: 

Micah - Most Passionate in Economic and Social Council

Zaara - Most Diplomatic in Human Rights Campaign

Josh - Most Passionate in Disarmament and International Security Committee

Laura - Most Diplomatic in Security Council


These accolades not only reflect the dedication and skill of individual students, but also underscore the ICS’s commitment to nurturing diplomatic expertise and leadership qualities among its students.

Looking ahead, the future of MUN at ICS is bright. Our in-house MUN conference is scheduled for April 19th and 20th, further demonstrating our commitment to fostering leadership and diplomatic skills among our students. Under the innovative initiatives spearheaded by this year's executive team—led by Shaurya, Daneesha, and Josh—the introduction of a Press Corps, comprising Mariska and Joshua, aims to amplify the visibility of MUN activities within the school community. Engaging students through critical thinking, the art of persuasion and presentation, and building confidence through regular sessions/workshops during the MUN club meetings further enriches the MUN experience for all.


In conclusion, MUN offers our students a dynamic platform to deepen their understanding of global issues while honing essential academic, personal, and interpersonal skills through experiential learning. Through MUN, students develop critical thinking, diplomatic negotiation, cultural empathy, and leadership abilities, preparing them to thrive in an interconnected world. MUN embodies ICS's commitment to excellence, leadership, and positive global impact.


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