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ICS Triumphs in American Mathematics Olympiad!

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Jennifer Carlson

In October, our elementary students showcased their mathematical skills in the American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO). We congratulate Sanjay from Grade 2 who earned a Silver Medal, and Jaebum from Grade 4 who secured a Bronze Medal in the Elementary division!

The AMO is organized by the Singapore International Math Contests Centre (SIMCC) and Southern Illinois University (SIU).  The competition is an international math competition for elementary students designed to foster a love for math and critical thinking. Open to Grades 2-12 and following the US Common Core Standards, AMO aims to stimulate mathematical concepts, strengthen intuition, cultivate creativity, and develop problem–solving flexibility–all fundamental skills in today's dynamic world.

 What are the benefits of participating in the AMO?

 AMO offers incredible opportunities such as university scholarships, access to the Global Scholars Program, membership in IJHS, tuition grants, and internships.  The competition serves as a gateway to a world of opportunities.

Learn more about AMO

At ICS, we take pride in collaborating with SIMCC to bring the AMO experience to our students. The awards, ranging from gold to bronze and honorable mentions, celebrate every student's unique journey and contribution to the world of mathematics. Each participant receives a certificate and a detailed report, recognizing their dedication and hard work.

We applaud our math stars for their stellar performance, and let's continue to encourage all participants who calculated their way through the American Math Olympiad!


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