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Meet the Winners of the Best Principal and Teacher of the Year Awards

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Grace Madrid

Our two teachers and a principal were voted as the Best Teacher of the Year and Best Principal of the Year in their respective divisions in the recently concluded HoneyKids Asia Singapore Education Awards 2022

Get to know the three winners and what they love about being an educator in ICS.

What do you love about being an educator?

"There are so many things to love! If I have to choose one, it would be the children. The opportunity to interact and make an impact on the children’s lives is priceless." - Mr. Dizon

What do you love about teaching in ICS?

"ICS allows me to fulfill the Great Commission in my classroom. Everyday in ICS is filled with opportunities for me to make disciples of all nations through my students. Teaching in ICS is not just a job. It is God’s way for me to love Him in a deeper way by loving the students with whom He has entrusted me." - Mr. Dizon

Mr. Dizon is a great communicator to his students, colleagues, and parents. He is a very dedicated educator and nurtures his students to grow and develop into good and caring citizens. He instills confidence in his students to not be afraid of failure and challenges them to aim for goals that are not always within their comfort zone.


What do you love about being an educator?

"There are many reasons, but I love being an educator mainly because of the blessing it represents to contribute to the holistic growth of the youth. It is also a calling. I am privileged enough to have heard and answered my calling." - Mr. Francois

What do you love about teaching in ICS?

"ICS is a beautiful place and its community is, in my opinion, what makes it truly special. For example, among other members of the community, I am amazed by how our ICS parents have a servant heart and partner with teachers and staff." - Mr. Francois

Mr. Francois is also a soccer aficionado and coaches one of the soccer teams in school and even set up a soccer camp in ICS last summer break. He is very passionate in his work, and students find him funny, engaging, and able to translate difficult and abstract concepts into something visual and easy to understand.


What do you love about being an educator?

"For me, it is the interaction with the students from K4 to G12-- from greeting them at morning drop-off, seeing them move around the campus, coaching them in CrossFit & soccer, chatting with them about anything under the sun, and wishing them well as they depart. Those interactions bring me joy, it is one of the reasons why I get up in the morning and what keeps me coming back to school each day.  I love that I get to impact their lives by educating them and connecting with them so that they can have a positive influence on the world around them." - Mr. Harding

What do you love about being a principal in ICS?

"I love being in a school that is smaller in size as it allows me to authentically interact with the kids on a regular basis.  I love being at a school where I can share Christ and all that He has done for me in a safe and open environment.  I love the community and the way everyone supports one another." - Mr. Harding

Mr. Harding serves his teachers and students with the authentic desire to connect with them and be a positive influence in their lives. While he may seem tough on the outside, he genuinely cares about each student and journeys with them through their ups and downs. He even started the Crossfit chapter in ICS for staff and students and continues to serve as inspiration to everyone on health, fitness, and discipline.