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Read about our 30th Anniversary Elementary School Essay Contest

Jennifer Carlson

At International Community School (ICS), fostering creativity is at the heart of our educational philosophy. This year, as part of our 30th Anniversary celebrations, we organized an elementary school essay contest, inviting students from Grades 2 through 5 to showcase their writing skills. We are thrilled to share the highlights of this enriching event with you.

A total of 35 students enthusiastically participated in the competition, pouring their hearts and minds into crafting captivating essays. Each entry was a testament to the creativity and imagination thriving within our school community.

Our dedicated panel of judges, led by Mr. Marc Morrow and including esteemed parent members such as Mrs. Valerie Shelly and two talented High School students, meticulously reviewed every submission. Their task was not easy, given the exceptional quality of the essays, which displayed depth of insight, creativity, and emotional resonance.

Through this contest, students achieved several educational benefits:

Enhanced Writing Skills: By crafting their essays, students honed their writing abilities, including narrative structure, descriptive language, and effective communication.

Critical Thinking: Analyzing and synthesizing their ideas to create compelling narratives required students to engage in critical thinking, a vital skill applicable across various disciplines.

Creative Expression: The contest provided a platform for students to express their creativity and imagination freely, fostering a love for storytelling and self-expression. Through their essays, participants explored their affection for ICS, cherished memories with favorite teachers, the joy of forming new friendships, unforgettable field trips, and heartfelt advice penned for future generations of ICS students.

After much review, the judges identified the top three entries from each grade level. These young wordsmiths demonstrated remarkable storytelling prowess, captivating their audience with their narratives. Their essays stood out for their creativity, originality, and eloquence, reflecting the diverse talents of our student body, click below to read them. 

Winning Essays

The 1st place winners are:

Grade 2: Gianna 

Grade 3: Chelsea

Grade 4: Justin 

Grade 5: Emmanuel

The 2nd place winners are:

Grade 2: Ji-Shen

Grade 3: Ella 

Grade 4: Kyra 

Grade 5: Haon

The 3rd place winners are:

Grade 2: Audric

Grade 3: Lily 

Grade 4: Stellar 

Grade 5: Christiano

Congratulations to all the participants for their dedication and creativity, and a special round of applause to our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Your passion for storytelling enriches our school community and inspires us all.