Welcome the 2020-2021 National Honor Society Members

The National Honors Society (NHS) is an organization that selects for its membership students who demonstrate strength in leadership, service, character, and academics. The NHS gives students the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills and commit to service projects outside of their school community. Membership with NHS gives students a boost in their college application process because of this organization's reputation and integrity. Click here to find out more. 

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What is "uKNIGHTED" Spirit Day?

By now you've seen it on social media, heard about it in the halls, and even witnessed it live. "uKNIGHTed Spirit Day." Why does the entire campus, from staff to students, wear the same blue t-shirt on the same day once a month? How did it start? And why is it important? If you've ever wondered about this before, you're not alone! Read on to hear from our resident experts about one of International Community School (Singapore)'s long-standing traditions!

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A Message from PTF President, Mrs. Janna Haik

My name is Janna Haik, and I am the president of the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) at International Community School (Singapore) for this school year. My husband, Jon, and I have two daughters, Olivia and Macy, in Grade 6, and we moved to Singapore from the US in July 2019. I am a former elementary school teacher and had homeschooled our girls from the time they entered kindergarten. But with us moving so far from our family and friends and the homeschool network we had in the States, Jon and I felt it was a good time to enroll them in school. The things that drew us to ICS were the small classroom sizes, the community atmosphere, and the emphasis on building Christian character. ICS was the perfect transition from homeschooling to brick and mortar school, and we have been so pleased with how our girls have plugged in and thrived in the short time we’ve been in Singapore.

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A Message from Student Council President, Caitlyn Liu

My name is Caitlyn Liu and I am a junior in High School. This year, I have the privilege of serving as Student Council President. First, I want to say thank you to everyone for sacrificing time and effort to analyze my strengths and weaknesses and voting for me. From my past experiences, the Student Council has been a way for me to express my voice and stretch my leadership skills beyond just the classroom. Although I was hesitant to apply at first, I saw taking on the role of President as a great opportunity to serve my fellow middle and high school students and enhance their school experience. 

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Seven Libraries You Need to Visit

Before I moved to Singapore, I made a bucket list. Things on my list include "Experience the Night Safari," "Take a duck boat tour," and "Eat satay at Lau Pa Sat." But the most important item--at least to me--is "Visit every National Library Board (NLB) location on the island" (there are 26!).

So far, I'd say I'm doing a pretty good job at this; of the 26 library branch locations, I have already been to seven! Keep reading for my thoughts on each of the libraries I've visited and a sneak peek at what's up next in my library quest.

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