Communication is Key

This year has been a whirlwind of change for everyone and student support at International Community School (Singapore) is no exception. Though the program and team may be different this year, they remain committed to providing services to all students who need support and care, both in and out of the classroom. The team hopes to share insightful tidbits throughout the school year to support and inspire the ICS community to look at learning from a new perspective. Keep reading for a sneak peek at the type of content the ICS Student Support Team has to offer!

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Buzzards to Butterflies: On the ICS Senior Thesis Project

There has never been a greater difference between the school experiences of parents and those of their children than there is right now. In the old model of education, our primary mission as teachers was to impart knowledge. Before there was easy access to the internet, knowing pieces of information and where to find them was critical. But what happens to all that rote memorization and library navigation skill when the sum total of human knowledge is available on a device you can carry in your pocket? 

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Self-Care Begins With Our Teachers

Our focus as teachers is often on our students and their well-being. As a school, we are doing a fantastic job nurturing our students' social and emotional health. The administrators, teachers, and counselors have been intentional about meeting and greeting each student, offering a warm welcome every morning during drop-off. Additionally, the counselors are teaching a social-emotional learning curriculum (Second Steps) and meeting with students both individually and as a class for counseling about emotional, social, or behavioral needs. 

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"Do What Is Right To Do": A Look At Elementary Service Learning

Elementary students took part in one of their first service-learning projects this year by recognizing all the wonderful people at the International Community School (Singapore) and making them encouragement cards! Each elementary class thanked different members of the school staff, from recess duty teachers and administrators to front office staff members, maintenance team members, and others who ensure our students have a fun and safe day at school. These activities stemmed from the students' first chapel on service learning called, "Seeing a Need: Serving With My Eyes, Heart, and Hands”. 

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