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English Language Learners: Level 3

A Clear Path Towards Success

This intensive English program is designed to support students with very little (if any) English language proficiency. Students in grades 2-3 are eligible to enroll in this program for the 2022-2023 school year.

The lessons in the program will be focused on helping students develop proficiency in English.

  • Students will participate in lessons focused on reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English. These lessons take place in the ELL classroom with the ELL Teacher and other peers who are also learning English.
  • Students will join their mainstream homeroom class for math, social studies, and science. The ELL teacher will support students in class when they join their homeroom classes. 

As scheduling allows, students will join a homeroom class to build relationships with their grade-level peers and develop social speaking skills.

  • Students will participate in related arts courses such as physical education (PE), art, technology, music, etc. 
  • Students will participate in daily activities such as lunch and recess and weekly activities such as Chapel with their grade-level peers.

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Book a time with our friendly admissions team. Language translation is available upon request. 

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Daily Schedule

Below is a sample schedule for a typical day in ELL Level 3. As scheduling allows, students will participate in activities with their mainstream homeroom class.


Morning arrival and check-in time

Mainstream Homeroom


G2 Related Arts (Music, Art, IDD)
G3 Physical Education (even) or ELL (odd)

Related Arts or ELL Homeroom


ELA: Reading, Grammar, and Writing

ELL Homeroom


Lunch and Recess

Mainstream Homeroom


G2 Physical Education (even) or ELL (odd)
G3 Related Arts (Music, Art, IDD)
Related Arts or ELL Homeroom


Bible Preview

ELL Homeroom


Social Studies or Science
(ELL Push-in Support)
Mainstream Homeroom
ELL Push-in Homeroom
(ELL Push-in Support)
Mainstream Homeroom
ELL Push-in Homeroom
2:45-3:00 Class meeting & Pack-up Mainstream Homeroom

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