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English Language Learners

Our diverse community welcomes students whose native language is not English. As part of Student Support Services at International Community School (Singapore), we offer tailored English Language Learners (ELL) instruction to assist students in their journey toward English language proficiency. Students in the ELL program will be able to communicate in social settings, interact with their teachers and peers, and develop academic English language proficiency.

About the ELL Program

An English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) is required for non-native English speakers prior to the application process. The assessment covers the students' abilities in reading, writing, speaking and listening in academic English to determine if they will meet the minimum proficiency requirement or be required to participate in our English Language Learner (ELL) program. This program requires an additional student services fee and is limited to a small number of students each year. 

Levels of ELL Support by Grade Level

Please note, additional fees apply for students enrolled in the ELL program.

Join Our ELL Program

We welcome applications from students of all ages and English language abilities to apply for a spot in our ELL program. To ensure the best possible educational experience, spaces are limited for each grade level. We encourage you to meet with our Admissions Team as soon as possible to learn about our availability and testing requirements. 

Learn more about our application process here