ICS Singapore middle school students performing outdoor science experiment

Middle School

We are delighted that you have sought us out and are interested in learning more about our dynamic learning community. We are a diverse yet close knit community committed to growing and learning together. Our American/AP curriculum is anchored in Common Core Standards and grounded in Biblical Worldview Integration (BWI), and both work together to help develop our students' academic and spiritual growth.

I invite you to visit our Middle School and High School web pages to learn about our academic programs that include technology, art, music, and physical education. We endeavor to engage our students in holistic education where teaching and learning center around the development of the whole child, academically, socially, emotionally, and last but certainly not least, spiritually.

Pivotal Years

Middle school students are not only capable of complex reasoning and critical thinking, but they are also passionate and eager to learn about the world around them. While some may view the middle school years as challenging, we recognize this point of life as a pivotal opportunity to guide our children in becoming well-rounded, optimistic, and compassionate young adolescents.
ICS Singapore middle school students with Mr. Jones


Safe & Productive Learning Environment

As educators, we have immeasurable influence in the lives of our students. We are devoted to creating a safe, productive learning environment where each student is valued, supported, and encouraged to ask questions. We want all our middle school students to have confidence in themselves as learners. We desire to effectively prepare our students for high school and beyond.

At ICS, we understand that every student is uniquely created by God and learns in a different way, so we use a variety of teaching strategies and lessons to reach each child.
ICS Singapore middle school girls performing science experiment


Pursuing Excellence Together


We model and teach our students to pursue excellence every day for the glory of God. We also challenge our students to use their strengths and academic knowledge to serve and benefit others in our school community, nation, and world.

We believe that every person is created in God’s image for a purpose. Our middle school faculty is honored to partner with families and community members as we work together to guide our young adolescents through these critical and exciting years.


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Curriculum Overview