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Middle School

This is where friendships are forged and perspectives are broadened. 

Middle School at International Community School (Singapore) is a time for investigation and deeper exploration as students build on the foundational knowledge gained at the elementary level. As our students grow into well-rounded, optimistic, and compassionate young adolescents, our passionate and qualified educators offer a safe and productive learning environment where each student is valued and supported. At every level, we challenge our students to use their strengths and academic knowledge to lead positive change by serving others in our school community, host nation, and world. 

Anchored in Common Core Standards and grounded in a biblical worldview, our American curriculum is designed around student success. Our 5 to 1 student-teacher ratio and diverse curricular offerings create a tailored learning experience for every middle school student. While in Grades 6 through 8, students are empowered to investigate their growing interests through a wide variety of electives and a rigorous and engaging design technology program.

Our Middle School experience effectively prepares every student at International Community School (Singapore) for success in High School and beyond. We are honored to partner with parents and community members during this pivotal time in your child’s life and educational journey. Let’s investigate together!

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Teacher Feature

Our teachers are what separates our school from the rest. Our team of highly experienced educators are the guides and role models that our students emulate and engage with on a daily basis. Our highest priority is ensuring that we recruit the best team possible for our community. Watch one of our teacher stories in the Middle School here. 

At ICS, the attention given to each child ensures that he/she feels that their efforts are recognized. This is possible due to the smaller class sizes and the very close-knit communication between teachers, parents, and children. We really value this community spirit which is rare at many schools.

 The Jain Family