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High School

This is where passions are nurtured and leaders are launched.

At the High School level, we offer a holistic educational experience that encourages our students to pursue personal interests, grow in academic success, identify their unique purpose, and apply years of foundational learning in new and innovative ways. Our capable and qualified educators serve as role models, mentors, coaches, and community leaders who offer individualized discovery opportunities for students to succeed both in and out of the classroom.

Anchored in Common Core Standards and grounded in a biblical worldview, our American and Advanced Placement curriculum is centered around student growth and achievement. A 6 to 1 student-teacher ratio and our student-centered curriculum empower students to think critically about the world by questioning, seeking, and discovering a deeper and more personal understanding of truth.

At International Community School (Singapore), we understand that every student has a distinct and individual educational journey. We strive to nurture our High School students into global leaders who are equipped for success in university and beyond. Our graduates attend some of the best universities in the world and thrive in all environments as glowing examples of personal and academic excellence.

The impact of an International Community School (Singapore) education is long-lasting and invaluable. We are eager to see how your child’s unique gifts, talents, and abilities positively contribute to our school, community, host nation, and world. Let’s discover together!

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Teacher Feature

Our teachers are what separates our school from the rest. Our team of highly experienced educators are the guides and role models that our students emulate and engage with on a daily basis. Our highest priority is ensuring that we recruit the best team possible for our community. Watch one of our teacher stories in the High School here. 

My plan for the future is to go to the University of Virginia and study architecture for the next four years. The American curriculum at ICS was rigorous and covered everything a typical American school would and more. The intensity of the work given at ICS is good training for higher education and will make my transition into college much easier.

 Amanda D. 
Class of 2021