ICS Singapore students using ipads during Media Literacy Night

English Language Learners

ICS is a diverse community that includes students whose native language is not English. ICS offers English Language Learners (ELL) to assist students to develop English language proficiency so that they can succeed in all aspects of school life, both academic and social.


Students are placed in ELL services if their WIDA placement test indicates that their reading, 
writing, or speaking skills in English are not sufficient to be independently successful at their grade level.


Our ELL program is designed for students to be pulled out for additional support with the ELL teacher. ELL students are continuously monitored and assessed throughout the school year to ensure students are actively growing in their English language abilities. 

The ELL teacher works closely with the classroom teachers to align the ELL teaching activities with classroom instruction. The ELL teacher provides support for classroom teachers in relation to the strengths and weaknesses of the ELL students.

Classroom teachers provide the ELL teacher with assignments for students to work on as needed.

Elementary ELL students receive this instruction in place of their Mandarin class. Middle school students receive ELL instruction during their elective block.

Completion Criteria:

Students are assessed on the four main language skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) 
throughout the semester, and a written narrative is provided to parents at the end of each semester.  
ELL students are tested annually (or at Christmas based upon the recommendation of the ELL teacher and the classroom teacher).  The current WIDA score is compared to their original WIDA/LAS placement test.  Students are exited from ELL once they have shown sufficient progress.