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ICS (Singapore) provides a wonderful professional working environment in a Christian community located in one of the most livable cities in the world. Our openings are listed below. Expat positions are fielded through the Network of International Christian Schools, our US office, at NICS website. Local hires are fielded through If you see an opening of interest to you that fits your background and qualifications, we would love to hear from you.

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Part-Time Drama Club Leader



Minimum of Bachelor Degree (exceptions to be approved by the Academic Board)
Experience working with students, knowledge of specific subject
Teaching credential from a state or from ACSI (exceptions will be approved by the Academic Board) preferred

JOB GOAL: Organize and lead various dramatic performances for middle school and highschool students.

Primary Tasks:

Drama Instruction & Performances

  • Teach interested students the basics of dramatic performance and dance within the constraints of an after-school, ungraded club.
  • Since this is ungraded and will not follow a prescribed curriculum, the leader has the discretion to adjust the content to meet the specific interests of the students
  • Integrate Biblical principles and the Christian philosophy of education throughout the activities
  • Organize and lead at least one student performance event during the school year. This can take the format of a production, a series of one-act plays, or other form as deemed best by the leader to showcase student skills


  • Review plans and activities regularly with your supervisor
  • Communicate with parents, students, and other staff as needed regarding student activities via schoology
  • Maintain student attendance and achievement records as required (Only if class credit being given)
  • Follow school policies, procedures, rules, regulations and guidelines and the provisions of the contract.
  • Maintain proper discipline in the classroom and on the school premises utilizing teacher made discipline plan in conjunction with school wide discipline plan. Consistent consequences are expected except in extenuating circumstances.
  • Demonstrate the character qualities of enthusiasm, courtesy, flexibility, integrity, kindness, self-control, perseverance and punctuality.
  • Maintain a personal appearance that is a role model of cleanliness, modesty, good taste and in agreement with school policy.


  • Contact instruction 2 days per week from 3:30pm to 5:00pm and work additional hours as needed leading up to a student performance.
  • Inform your supervisor if your feel that the overall workload is exceeding 20% of a full time teaching role. Provide documentation to support this

    If this job opening is of interest to you and it fits your background and qualifications, kindly apply through

School First Aid Officer - 3 days a week

REPORTS TO: Business Manager

Performance Responsibilities:

School Clinic & School First Aid Supplies

  • Serve as the primary staff for school’s first aid station
  • Organize, train, and supervise first aid office assistants
  • Provide basic first aid care for injuries that arise on campus. Clear injured students before returning to class and work with the administration to develop any medical accommodation needed to support recovering from an injury.
  • Accompany students/staff to hospitals or clinics when required if a parent is not available.
  • Attend to students who are ill and determine if students should remain at school or be sent home.
  • Maintain the clinic medical supplies, periodically check medical equipment and restock supplies, stock classroom first aid kits at the beginning of each school

Health Assessment / Screening

  • Track and record student vaccinations to ensure compliance with government requirements and school policies
  • Organize and oversee school health and developmental screening programs such as vision and hearing
  • Ensure proper control of communicable diseases through student monitoring, parent communication, and government reporting: pink eye, head lice, chicken pox, etc
  • Review admissions packages for prospective students to identify and address any medical issues, concerns, or special medical needs

Sports, WWW, and other Off-Site Activities Requiring Nursing Coverage

  • Review sports physicals: Evaluate all physical exams, communicate special needs to coaches
  • Organize first aid coverage for all sporting events on and off campus
  • Assess potential first aid exposures for field trips and other off-site activities, recommend medical coverage/procedures to teachers and principals
  • Student international travel support
    • Set expectations for first aid proficiency for trip leaders
    • Plan and, as appropriate, conduct first aid training for trip leaders and students
    • Organize first aid supplies for trips
    • Assess student special health considerations and work with the trip leaders to ensure proper coverage for those needs

Education & Training

  • Arrange for CPR and first-aid classes for students and staff as needed.
  • Serve as a resource person to individual students, the classroom teacher, and administration regarding health issues.
  • Develop and conduct special health classes for students on selected topics as available


  • Lead the development of the school’s health and safety policies and procedures
  • Provide health and safety input to school-wide policies and procedures: crisis plans, evacuation procedures, etc
  • Maintain student documentation: required health records, medical issues, and allergies, first aid office visits, etc.
  • Maintain prescription and non-prescription medication records and, with parental permissions, dispense medications.
  • Fill out accident/incident report forms; maintain and manage files for school accidents and injuries.


  • Serve as a liaison between school and parents/guardians when illnesses or injuries occur.
  • Ensure that teachers and staff are kept informed of any important student medical concerns
  • Work with government agencies and other schools to stay current on school medical standards and best practices
  • Work with the school social/emotional counselor as needed to address student issues and needs they have both physical and emotional components
  • Inform the parents regarding school accident insurance coverage when necessary and maintain appropriate records.
  • Use discretion and respect confidentiality of all information regarding students and staff. Demonstrate understanding and empathy when working with students.


1. Internationally trained nurse with Singapore first aid and CPR certification or a Singapore registered nurse
2. Basic computer skills
3. Fluent in English.

If this job opening is of interest to you and it fits your background and qualifications, kindly apply through