Who We Are

Educating Minds and Transforming Lives to Impact the World for the Glory of God

ICS endeavors to partner with parents in their role to instruct their children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6). In this partnership, ICS commits to providing a dynamic, challenging, and holistic education that recognizes the personal uniqueness of each student and develops them into the person they were created to be. To reach one's God-given potential, there must be an inner transformation that takes place. When that happens, boys and girls, young men and women are not only transformed, but they begin to impact the world around them. Nothing gives us more pleasure and fulfillment than when God receives glory in and through students' lives.
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Our Vision

Every Student, Every Family, Every Day For Christ

ICS invests in and tend to every part of each student: spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. We are a school that puts Christ at the center of all academics and activities. Our parents are our partners with us in this process, helping their student to find his or her own unique balance. With this partnership and shared values, every child wins. This values-centered focus forms the foundation of our family/community environment. ICS is a place where students and families are welcomed and known. No student is merely a name on a class list. We want to know our students, make them feel a part of the family, and give them a safe place to belong. This spills over to the families of our students and beyond so that our mission of impacting the world for the glory of God is ultimately realized.

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Our Core Values

These four core values are the bedrock of our school and how we operate.


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Expected Student Outcomes

We focus on building these interpersonal, curricular, and spiritual characteristics within each of our students.


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