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Who We Are


Educating Minds and Transforming Lives to Impact the World for the Glory of God

We educate minds because we believe that God has a plan for each of our students and has created them with unique gifts and abilities. We believe that transformation occurs holistically so we actively invest in the personal growth and academic development of all learners. We believe that our students are global learners with the ability to lead positive change, impacting the world for God’s glory through their individual skills, talents, and purpose. 


Our authentic international educational community will serve as a gateway to purpose, empowering and equipping global learners to lead positive change.This vision serves as a guide for the future of International Community School (Singapore) for the current school year and beyond. It highlights our understanding that our purpose as an educational community is to support our team members, partner with our parents, and prepare our students for success. With this goal in mind, we remain committed to serving every student, every family, every day for Christ.

Core Values

Academic Excellence • Biblical Worldview • Caring Community • Personal Excellence

An education at International Community School (Singapore) begins and ends with excellence. Our core values reflect the heart of who we are as a community and what we do as a school. These values are the foundation of our vision, mission, and culture, shaping and supporting our past, present, and future.

Expected Student Outcomes (ESO)

Expected Student Outcomes reflect the characteristics we desire each student to grow in during their time at ICS. ESO's are organized into three categories: interpersonal, curricular, and spiritual.