Committee for Private Education (CPE)

Committee for Private Education (CPE)

ICS is registered with CPE

This is a new statutory regulatory agency created by the Singapore government (Private Education Act of 2009) to oversee all private education institutions in Singapore including ICS and all other international schools in Singapore. The registration process has been long and arduous as we spent many months working with CPE.

The CPE has set many new requirements for schools and families. One of these requirements is that for each year, every parent/guardian of each student must review and sign the following attached legal documents before they can begin attending classes for that school year:

Advisory Note: This is a form created by CPE which has not been altered in any way by ICS.
Student Contract: This contract was created by CPE, but tailored to ICS operations and policies. This contract outlines ICS policies including our financial policies, school calendar, and procedures regarding attendance, withdrawal and responsibilities.

Please review these documents and fill out each student's particulars with completed signatures on the last page of the contract. In addition, all pages must be initialed/signed.

God has richly blessed ICS and we are thankful for the trust you have placed in us with the education of your child.


Sarah Majestic

Business Manager |

Ashley Hunt

Admissions Director |

Instructions for Submission of Original Documents

  1. Sign/Initial every bottom right hand corner of each page of both documents: (advisory note and student contract)
  2. Make a copy of both documents for your records.
  3. Mail original documents to ICS Main Office (27A Jubilee Rd. Singapore 128575). CPE requires that originals of these documents must be kept in each student's personal file.
  4. These documents must be submitted together with the application packet.

As previously stated, government regulations will not allow any student to begin classes until these documents have been signed and submitted. We are available to answer questions that you might have.

ICS Fee Protection Scheme

The following description is made available to parents and students to ensure clear understanding of the purpose and scope of our FPS program.


ICS's Undertaking to provide a Fee Protection Scheme

ICS hereby confirms and undertakes to the Student that it has in place a FPS by way of an insurance facility LONPAC Insurance Policy Number: Z/16/BM00/000569 29 Oct 2019 to 28 Oct 2020

FPS Insurance Facility

A copy of master insurance agreement between CPE, LONPAC Insurance BHD (the “Master Insurance Agreement") and acceded to by ICS for the purpose of insuring the Student, is available on ICS's website at The Master Insurance Agreement sets out the events under which LONPAC Insurance BHD shall indemnify the Student for Fees paid to ICS.

ICS hereby undertakes that the:

1. Coverage under the Master Insurance Agreement shall be extended to the Student;
2. Student receives the certificate within seven (7) days of payment of any tuition and/or fees;
3. Insured period shall commence from the Fee payment date to at least the next payment date.

Fee Protection Certificate of Insurance

Whenever FPS is purchased for a student, the certificate of insurance (COI) is automatically sent to the email of the student’s parent or guardian from the Lonpac e-system. The student’s parent or guardian can also request the COI from ICS.

No Double Claim:

For the avoidance of doubt, if the Student and/or Parent receives any payment from ICS or the Insurance Company pursuant to a provision of this Agreement or the /Master Insurance Agreement in respect of any matter or damage, then the Student and his/her Parent shall not be entitled to claim against the ICS Insurance Company for the same payment in respect of the same matter or damage pursuant to any other provision of this Agreement or the Master Insurance Agreement.

Medical Insurance Coverage

Undertaking to provide Medical Insurance Coverage:

ICS hereby confirms and undertakes to the Student that it has in place a medical insurance scheme for all its students as required by CPE under EduTrust certification scheme. This medical insurance scheme shall minimally provide for an annual coverage limit of not less than S$20,000 per student, at least B2 ward in government and restructured hospitals and 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas throughout the course duration, and the Student is encouraged to seek advice on whether more comprehensive insurance cover is required or desired.

Injured students requiring outpatient care must seek medical attention within 24 hours of the injury to qualify for this coverage. Follow-up care related to outpatient treatment of injuries must be provided by the same practitioner and is covered for a maximum of 31 days from the date of the accident.

ICS-appointed medical insurance provider: AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd Certificate Number: Q0047868

CPE/EduTrust Documents

CPE Reg No: 199303918N
Reg Period: 06/07/19 to 05/07/23