ICS Singapore elementary students reading in LMC

Committee for Private Education (CPE)

ICS is registered with CPE

This is a new statutory regulatory agency created by the Singapore government (Private Education Act of 2009) to oversee all private education institutions in Singapore including ICS and all other international schools in Singapore. The registration process has been long and arduous as we spent many months working with CPE.

The CPE has set many new requirements for schools and families. One of these requirements is that for each year, every parent/guardian of each student must review and sign the following attached legal documents before they can begin attending classes for that school year:

Advisory Note: This is a form created by CPE which has not been altered in any way by ICS.
Student Contract: This contract was created by CPE, but tailored to ICS operations and policies. This contract outlines ICS policies including our financial policies, school calendar, and procedures regarding attendance, withdrawal and responsibilities.

Please review these documents and fill out each student's particulars with completed signatures on the last page of the contract. In addition, all pages must be initialed/signed.

God has richly blessed ICS and we are thankful for the trust you have placed in us with the education of your child.

Sarah Majestic

Business Manager | businessmanager@ics.edu.sg