ICS Singapore students posing outside front office

What Makes Us Different

We are an international school.

Over 29 nationalities make up our campus of 400+ students. We instill in each student a love and respect for people of all cultures through everyday interactions, as well as annual international community service projects where we partner with ministries in Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and throughout southeast Asia.

We are a Christian school.

The fact that ICS is a Christian school positively affects every area of your child's education. Our teachers view each child as a unique individual created by God, and thus, seek to understand and love each one. ICS operates within the framework of Christian principles, while still respecting the religious preferences of parents and students.

We teach an American curriculum.

80% of our graduates attend US universities. According to our annual alumni survey, every year our graduates feel that ICS has well-equipped them for the rigors of university academics and the skills necessary to achieve success in whatever field of study they choose. As an Advanced Placement school, we believe one of the greatest benefits our program offers our students is its flexibility in requirements to work with the individual student's needs, dreams, gifts, and abilities.

Hear from Our Parents